Lime Lighter 樂譜放大機


Lime Lighter 樂譜放大機

Are you struggling to see the notes? The Lime Lighter from Dancing Dots lets people with low vision read print music with ease, clarity and comfort. If any of the following applies to you, then The Lime Lighter is the solution for you.

    I used to love to play the piano, but I don play anymore since I cannot clearly see the music on the music rack.
  • I want to play in our school band, but I have to enlarge the sheet music so much that it falls off the music stand.
  • I enjoy singing in our church choir and community chorus, but I struggle to see the music.
  • My dyslexia makes it hard to read sheet music. Color contrasts would help me distinguish one note from another.

Read your music clearly with Lime Lighter and feel nothing but the joy of making music once again.

The information below is intended to help you to determine if The Lime Lighter technology is for you. We know that low vision conditions are rarely simple. Please review this page and then contact us for a consultation on which model of The Lime Lighter might be right for you.

  • All models include special version of the Lime music notation software for reading and writing magnified music as well as music OCR software.
  • Option to display each of the 7 notes of the scale in a different color.
  • Lime Lighter Leggiero: keyboard players, singers, and all instrumentalists will appreciate this 18.4-inch, all-in-one, touch screen PC weighing only 5 pounds, about one inch thick, that runs on A. C. power or for up to 4 hours on an internal, rechargeable battery. Includes pedal for scrolling the music. Mount on conventional music stand or piano music rack.
  • Lime Lighter Presto: recommended for vocalists and players of wind and string instruments. Includes all-in-one, 23-inch touch screen PC, custom Manhasset music stand, and pedal for scrolling the music.
  • Lime Lighter Liberty: Run The Lime Lighter software using the computer and monitor of your choice. Includes pedal for scrolling music.

"Our sixth-grade saxophonist struggled to keep up with the group in the beginning of the last academic year. But once we got the Lime Lighter into her hands, we began to see huge improvements." M.G. Texas

Young Drummer from Ohio Loving his Lime Lighter Attention Lime Lighter Customers: Major Upgrade to Lime Lighter Software Now Available Dancing Dots has released a major upgrade to the Lime Lighter software. There are numerous improvements and bug fixes including support for a wireless pedal, option to scroll automatically, selective adjustment of appearance of score components such as staff lines and stem signs (modified stave notation), and new touch gestures for navigating quickly through the score.

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