CakeTalking: 失明樂手使用SONAR 的解決方案

CakeTalking: 失明樂手使用SONAR 的解決方案   

CakeTalking 8.8 for SONAR 8.5 

Announcing CakeTalking 8.8 for SONAR 8.5.3. You are invited to step up to the most feature-rich, user-friendly, reliable and helpful version yet of the
classic CakeTalking for SONAR accessibility solution for blind audio producers. If you have been using any previous version of CakeTalking then you, more
than anyone, know what happy news you have just read because CakeTalking has been setting and surpassing the standard for accessibility to SONAR for over 12 years now. David Pinto, CakeTalking creator, has once again worked his magic to make CakeTalking even better, simpler, more intuitive and helpful than ever before. 

There is so much to tell and we will list some of the main points below. But, to get the whole scoop, see the entire 
26-page What New document .

Improvements fall into these categories: 

• Support for previously unsupported SONAR features, 
• Expanded support for those that were already supported, 
• Even more feature to increase speed and efficiency, and 
• New ways to get help when you need it. 

As always, the CakeTalking approach leaves you free to be the constant creator, not the techie trouble-shooter. 

Highlights of CakeTalking 8.8 for SONAR 8.5.3 
• CakeTalking fully compatible with JAWS 16 and earlier all the way back to JAWS 7.1. CakeTalking has implemented reliable workarounds that make these
JAWS versions stable while running SONAR. 
• Channel Tools Plug-in is Now Totally Accessible. Channel tools is a super plug in, extremely useful in mastering and creative mixing. It provides easy
and powerful channel processing for gain, delay, stereo panning, and Mid-Side decoding. Channel Tools is ideal for enhancing and adjusting stereo separation
for stereo tracks and full mixes, and correcting faults in existing stereo recordings. 
• Laptop Keyboard Layout Now Supported. CakeTalking is now fully functional when using a laptop that has no NumPad. 
• Skipping to the next or prior recorded track. Use ALT+ Extended DOWN ARROW, to move to the next recorded track, and ALT+ Extended UP ARROW, to move to
the prior recorded track. A great time saver. 
• Matrix View much more responsive and simple to use 
• CakeTalking works with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows under Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. 
• CakeTalking 8.8 will not run under any version of Windows later than Windows7. 
• And many more listed in the 
26-page What New document 
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