Clover 5 手提放大機

Clover 5 手提放大機

CLOVER 5 is a portable, handheld video magnifier with a 5 inch widescreen LCD display, Its body size and operation is similar to CLOVER 4, but with larger display and thinner bezel which improves the reading experience furthur.


• Centered Camera
• Larger display and thinner bezel
• Tactile screen frame and button
• Two directions for changing Color Mode
• Quick return to True Color
• Patented Eye-Protection Lighting System
• Long battery endurance
• Compatible Micro USB


1. Display: 5" TFT wide screen
2. High quality near view Camera
3. Magnification: Normal 4x-20x; Extend 3x-30x
4. Color Mode: Simplified 6 modes; Integrated 20 modes
5. Battery: Rechargeable & replaceable Li battery, 4 hours continuous usage
6. Power Adapter: Micro USB EU/AU/US/UK/JP; Input: 110-240V; Output: 5V/1A
7. Beep Feedback; on/off
8. Brightness adjustable
9. LED lighting on/off option
10. Freeze function; navigation for locked magnified image.
11. TV Out, PAL/NTSC supported
12. Auto memory system (saving last using setting including viewing mode, magnification, beep etc.)
13. Auto power off function after 3 minutes idle
14. Build-in stand to write
15. Status indication (battery bar, current mode)
16. Certificates: CE; FCC; RoHS
17. Dimension: 152*80*22mm
18. Weight: 200g
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