A4 凸圖紙


Zytex2 Swell Paper

A4 - 200 sheets (210 x 297 mm)

Zytex2 Swell Paper is a specialist paper onto which images can be printed and made into tactile diagrams.  


Use a printer, photocopier or Zymarker pen to print images, Braille or text onto the Zytex2 Swell Paper.  

When the paper is heated using one of our Zyfuse heating machines, the black parts of the image swell up to become tactile.  

This means that the finished product is a diagram which can be interpreted using touch.  

Product Features

  • •Safe to use with inkjets, lasers, copiers and pen
  • •Stays flat, doesn't curl
  • •Long life, durable surface
  • •Easy to use and cost effective  
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